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Info for prospective students and interested parties

We are glad that you have found your way to us! In the slider above you can already get a small insight into some areas of research here at the university. We would like to tell you something about our department and the study and research opportunities.

Why Wuppertal?

There are several points in favor of Wuppertal that we would like to explain to you in the following. We would like to start with the most important points:

  • The professor ratio: This means that the number of professors is very high compared to the number of students. This ensures a high level of personal support. This is a huge advantage, especially at the beginning of the studies, which not many universities in Germany have. Students also benefit from the high ratio of professors in the further course of their studies - especially when writing their theses.
  • The "open door" principle: We hardly have any fixed office hours. If you have any problems or questions about lectures, exercises or your studies in general, you can go directly to the person in charge and talk to them. Whether it is a professor or a research assistant, you will usually find someone who can help you.
  • The dedicated student council: The support of the (new) students by our student council is exemplary and in close cooperation with our department. Right at the beginning you will be involved by the student council and during each semester you will receive support with problems and offers on how to get connected to students of your and other years.
  • Top research and international cooperation: Despite the fact that Wuppertal has a relatively small physics faculty, we are involved in international research groups and collaborations. We maintain relationships with universities in different countries. Within the framework of an ERASMUS semester, we are happy to enable you to visit one of our many partner universities.

Of course, there are other technical details and local advantages that not many universities can offer. There is the structure of our Bachelor. It offers a broad learning opportunity and provides a basis for many further education options. Should it be a subject-specific Master at our or another university, the way through interdisciplinary courses in combination, or the teaching profession. We also offer the possibility to change your mind after the first semesters!

Of course, the city itself is not neglected. Here you have many opportunities to spend your free time and there are many central housing options, including housing supported by the university. Compared to many typical student cities such as Münster, Heidelberg or Aachen, Wuppertal is a very affordable alternative.

More information

Tips and links for starting your studies

After your enrollment you will receive your own ZIM account with which you can log in to all platforms within the university. One of them is your university mail account ( or ( Please use this account for all communication within the university, e.g. whenever you want to contact staff members. Any important information, such as faculty or university information, will be sent to this mail. So remember to have a look at it regularly! For further information or help with any problems you may have, please contact ZIM.

From registering for events in the course catalog to printing out important certificates such as the semester ticket and the certificate of study, you will find everything you need on StudiLöwe.

Moodle is the learning platform of the university, through which most of your learning events are organized. The links to the respective courses are usually linked in the events in StudiLöwe. An introduction on how to use Moodle can be found here on the YouTube channel of the university.

Application for the study

We hope that we could convince you of us. If you are interested in studying, you can find a link to the application portal StudiLöwe below. Read more

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